The betting odds for every potential Anthony Joshua fight

Boxing is one of the very few sports that sportsbooks will put chances down. Those that are deemed unlikely to happen might get some coverage from the companies.
From a betting perspective — and a sporting one — it is quite intriguing. As you aren’t only currently gambling on the big event, but on the risk that it happens by a certain date. The chances can sometimes have some worth, as massive sums of money have not transferred them. If the fight does not occur by that date (generally by the end of the calendar year), the bookmaker should refund your money, however it is always best to double check.
Regardless, the bigger (metaphorically) the boxer, the more inclined you should see gambling markets for hypothetical fights. For Anthony, bookies have actually set up betting markets for seven fights over the year. That is virtually unheard of, but it matched up with the intense speculation on Joshua’s next competitor until Andy Ruiz Jnr was confirmed and, to be frank, the directionless sense of this heavyweight division at this time. Below is a look at the odds for each of those fights.

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