PGA Tour Betting Picks: The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges

The Republic of Korea is a country with some of the cleverest, advanced and most hard-working individuals on Earth.
Attention to detail is of the utmost importance there which explains why there are an increasing number of superstars coming out of the ROK.
Its even more apparent on the Womens PGA Tour.
7 thru 3 in the Rolex Rankings, including stains 1 out of the 15 are from the Land of the Morning Calm.
I was sent to Osan Air Base, South Korea about one hour south of Seoul for a year mission once I was 20 years old.
I was an extremely picky eater and believed that rice has been a vegetable once I arrived. That didnt last long since I proceeded to consume every previous plate along with the smell of kimchi continues to warm my heart.
We spent a lot of our time driving sampling water holes.
Wed golf courses that are enough to make the Donald proud, 5 in fact although now, Osan was not a base by Air Force criteria.
This was in 2003, along with also the civilians who worked with us were constantly teeing up it.
Last seasons Rookie of the Year on the PGA Tour, Sungjae Im, was 5 years old in the time is from Jeju Island.
If you get a chance to visit South Korea, certainly see Seoul, take the train to Busan, then catch a brief trip to Jeju Do (Island) from there.
Back to golfing, though. This is only the next time around for the golfers at The Club at Seven Bridges hosts the yearly CJ Cup for the PGA Tour.
We are on schedule, at least, even or as some tournaments have switched months seasons but this one is played mid-October.
It was my favourite at Korea although there is no secret that October is a favorite month for most of the United States. I remember 30 days of sunshine with no rain and decreased humidity.
There is talking Aussie by the name of Marc Leishman A end likely awaiting the wave to instruction in some gusty problems.
The sportsbook BetOnline gets the traces for us this week.
Lets picks for the PGA Tours CJ Cup and get to the odds.
There are several sophomores to choose from this week but I enjoy Wolff firstly due to his ability to crush the ball.
He just played with 29 rounds last year, and that means you will not find his name among the leaders at driving distance but he is 11th far this year and would have been 10th.
Youll find a couple par 4 and the 5s are quite short too.
Power and aggression are two requirements for Jeju Island.
I enjoy Wolff here although as its, of course, a coastal climate yes, this could change.
Im not saying he is likely to win the item but that he has talent, the attitude, and skillset.
His final day of drama was October 6th after he wrapped up a look in vegas in the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in what was a strong field of fellow golfers, using a very respectable 18th place finish.
His first triumph in my view, of several, came back on July 4th weekend in the 3M Open where he revealed his strength and ability.
Would you imagine youre 20-years-old soaking wet and Dechambeau, enjoying before you, sinks an eagle to have a one-stroke lead?
You have a 26-foot putt to document a eagle of your personal and triumph.
Are you competitive with are you content with a playoff or said putt?
He went to it sunk it!
Here is the kind of golfer and also much more so competition we all wish we can be. In school at Oklahoma State, he sank a Division I National Championship-winning putt for his staff.
I think Matt has 3 or more victories this year on the PGA Tour. Yes young golfers are emerging. There is the mentioned Colin Morikawa Viktor Hovland, along with neighborhood boy Sungjae Im.
It seems that while these men may be evenly matched emotionally, Wolff is beyond his 20 decades old in mental strength.
Even the Brisbaner has jointly performed here than anybody who has played with.
Finishing 7th year and 3rd at 2017, Cam shows that he can excel at the Club @ Nine Bridges in problems that are both fair and unpleasant.
Sure, he is not Brooks Koepka or Justin Thomas who will be the CJ Cups past winners however Brooks only played here last season and Justin fell back to 36th in 2018 because he is only a hair cut aggression and power when compared with the younger hungrier lions out there.
You need to admire the top 5 average and Brooks could well replicate although I expect both these men to perform well.
He is also in quite good shape at the moment. Cam was 24th at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Like this training program is located on the medial side of a volcano, that is set on the side of a hill.
The same.
He gasped in Sanderson Farms but an impressive 13th a couple of weeks ago in Vegas is promising. There were Na Dechambeau, Hadwin, Simpson, and Finau.
He isnt the driver of stats or no stats and the ball we should really be focusing on with the course of this week but he could putt , he plays this route.
He could scramble and he can putt with the very finest in the world. His body is also quite familiar with time zone.
Ill give some love here to Smith.
A player this youthful in his first time playing with a tournament with so many high tech golfers in the area and hes (-115) to get a high twenty?!
I believe that the bookies are attempting to scare a few people off with his prices.
Youll see names such as Spieth, Day, Reavie, Garcia, and Woodland below him on the board.
I anticipate after viewing Vik so significant their noses to turn up.
Hes an excellent driver of the golf club is hungry, young, and so forth.
He plays very aggressively as well which I have already emphasized the value of the trait for the winner of this CJ Cup.
He hasnt played before but he has had a month away and pockets that were more than hes had his whole life, so that I anticipate the man has been becoming in at least a few practice rounds in Seven Bridges already.
Whats his form, though?
Well, his highest around as an expert is a 73!
He currently has 17 straight rounds in the 60s. That he and one more will have the album on record since 1983.
He has not been too active in this season however he has finished out of the last ten events including the US Open.
Jeju Do Island is a one of a kind place. You should, Should you ever get the chance to visit.
Korean Food is one of a kind you never return, and as soon as you move kimchi and soju.
The CJ Cup is just in its third year in 2019.
The only men would be Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas.
Both are in the field this week.
I enjoy the youth that this week, though.
Matthew Wolff is a stone-cold killer…of the golf club which is.
To have the ability to match his skill with the capability is frequently amiss in golf.
We see it all of the time. A number of the entire world best are frontrunners. Theyre skillful and if that is all they need, then when there are millions online by using their opponent seemingly 30, but how can they react?
Im awaiting Brooks, Justin, along with the youngins examining themselves from a Korean Isle landscape that is gorgeous.
Tune in, turn up and cash out!

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