Despite a rich history in gaming through the lottery and horse racing, Maryland was a late bloomer in regards to casino gambling. But by passing a law to permit slot machines in 2008, Maryland set the wheels in motion to have casinos built across the state.
The state’s progress in casino gaming is promising, but from an online perspective Maryland isn’t a great location for sports bettors to reside. While infrequently enforced, Maryland’s laws call for harsh penalties against anyone who places any sort of bet beyond a casino in the nation.
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Gaming Laws in Maryland
The Maryland Slot Machines Amendment was on the ballot at Maryland on November 4, 2008. The measure gave the state the ability to issue up to five video lottery permits and set around 15,000 slot machines across the state at five different locations. When this legislation passed, Maryland became the 38th state to permit live casino gambling or slot machines.
In 2012, gaming rights in Maryland were expanded even further. 1 additional casino was approved to be constructed in addition to the five which were approved, and table games were permitted to be introduced within these establishments. While prior to these casinos only served as slot parlors, they could now function more like standard casinos to include table games and poker rooms.
The legalization and expansion of those casinos has been a welcome change to the Maryland Code as gambling outside of these legal casinos is strictly prohibited. Under Penal Code 12-102,”a individual might not bet, bet, or bet” from the state of Maryland. Bettors which are caught and convicted are guilty of a misdemeanor which is subject to 6-12 weeks in prison plus a fine of $200 to $1000.
Sports Betting in Maryland
Sports gambling is illegal in the state of Maryland. While the majority of states offer you much harsher penalties for bookmaking instead of betting, Maryland’s state laws do not really make specific mention of bookmaking. Rather, anyone who is partaking in gaming whether they’re betting or getting a wager are from the letter of their law committing a misdemeanor.
Online Betting
Offshore sportsbooks don’t fall under the authority of Maryland’s state legislation since they’re not from the state or the country. Consequently, a number of them still offer you online betting to Maryland residents despite it being illegal in the nation.
There are no specific mentions of online gambling anywhere in the Maryland Code, but it would be difficult to argue against its own illegality when all forms of”gambling, wagering, and gambling” are deemed prohibited and punishable by misdemeanor by the country. Although this legislation isn’t a heavily controlled one, residents of Maryland must understand the risks that have placing bets in the state and decide for themselves whether or not they would like to take those risks. With no additional sports betting avenues accessible, online betting is the only workable option Maryland sports bettors have.
Poker and Casino at Maryland
In 2010, the Hollywood Casino in Perryville opened, getting the first casino in Maryland to open its doors to the general public. Ocean Downs at Berlin followed in 2011, the Rocky Gap Casino Resort and the Maryland Live! Casino started in 2013 and the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opened in 2014. In 2016, the MGM National Harbor will open in Prince George’s County.
The Horseshoe Baltimore has a World collection of Poker themed poker room, but the largest poker room in the state by far is the Maryland Live! Poker Room with over 50 tables. Both places offer cash games and tournaments.
Online Poker
As is the case with online sports gambling, many online poker rooms will take business from Maryland residents as they aren’t under the authority of the state of Maryland. Playing online poker is illegal in the state of Maryland under the definition that any bet or wager is, even though poker is not mentioned specifically.
Poker players in Maryland need to weigh the pros and cons of playing online playing or illegally live in the state’s legal casinos. Live games are more limited, but players don’t need to worry about being caught either.
Gaming Options in Maryland
Horse racing is alive and well in the state of Maryland with 2 harness race tracks at Ocean Downs and Rosecraft Raceway and three standard race tracks at Laurel Park Racecourse, Maryland State Fairgrounds (as soon as the fair is in town) and the Pimlico Race Course. Baltimore’s Pimlico track hosts the Yearly Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown.
Maryland Lottery
The Maryland Lottery was established in 1973 and is the fourth largest contributor to the state’s market. The state offers in-state drawings, multi-state drawings including Powerball and Mega Millions, and scratch ticket games.

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