It looked like we would never get legal sports betting from West Virginia backagain. Then just like that DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook appear on our mobile devices and is at the Mountain State.
It seemed WV sports might never reach its entire potential after several difficult stretches. The past five weeks have been radically different, however, as the overall gambling handle of the Mountain State has been impacted by NFL and college football futures.
Today, with only days before the yield of WVU and Marshall soccer, the launching of two online sportsbooks bring gaming accessibility to the whole country.
The cellular sports of fanDuel launched on Monday and has been the very first available gaming program in the state in some time.?? Just two weeks later, DraftKings launched its online app.
This is excellent news for the two gamblers from the country in addition to the gambling market. WV residents are now able to place wagers from their homes rather than having to hike to one of just three retail sportsbooks in WV.
Mobile will increase handle and sports betting revenue in WV, however, the retail sportsbooks have been holding their own of late.
Handle remained within the 2 million mark for the week ending Aug. 17.
Earnings figures were striking. By pulling in nearly $375,000, sportsbooks created a gain for its fifth-straight week.
This week’s record includes activity from Aug. 11-17 for several five??WV sportsbooks:
Mardi Gras Sportsbook and Wheeling Island??Sportsbook remain closed. Neither paid of any settled wagers out this past week.
Prior to the very first online sports betting figures are reported, It’ll be two weeks.
Here are the??most recent figures??released by the WV Lottery Commission since??WV sports began in August 2018:
It turned out to be a week for sports betting in WV. It is clear that football season is attracting more residents. Though handle actually dropped marginally, sportsbooks took in a superior total of $2,129,799.42.
Revenue figures also have been doing well. Sportsbooks created $374,142.57 for the week of Aug. 17, which was a 92% increase from the preceding week.
Despite not hitting on the complete of a week, the sport stayed more than $ 2 million for the second time in fourteen days. With football season here, bettors in the state have been making trips to the retail sportsbooks a lot more frequently.
Hollywood Casino led the way though it came up just shy of last week’s figure as well. Its sportsbook has accepted more than $1.4 million in wagers in just several of the past five weeks.
Mountaineer Casino managed to construct onto its deal and ended second. It took in almost $300,000 in bets weekly.
The Greenbrier had nearly $41,000 in handle. This was within $1,000 of its prior week’s full.
Here’s how the WV sportsbooks rank for handle:
With DraftKings and FanDuel, the market share in WV could start to shift moving. The Greenbrier has taken a back seat at the sports gambling picture in WV due to the fact that it’s a resort that was private.
Now that it will feature an internet sportsbook The Greenbrier could begin to get a grip. Naturally, the Hollywood Casino and DraftKings venture have been in position to continue leading the market.
Back in NJ sports betting apps brought for the month of July in approximately 85% of the total handle of the Garden State. That is a huge amount of the market.
Lately although draftKings began out in New Jersey on top was unseated by FanDuel. What exactly does this mean to West Virginia? Time will tell.
Despite the fact that the percent in WV will not be high initially, it is a fantastic indicator of what’s possible with sportsbooks that are online.
The state’s had a good run of late in terms of revenue. It made currency in five-consecutive weeks, four of which were over $190,000.
Sportsbooks were able to nearly double this, after gaining almost $200,000 last week.
As it created a 91 percent of the state’s total revenue hollywood Casino led in revenue too. $341,000’s amount is its sportsbook’s highest net profit since March.
Though they saw their revenue, the two energetic sportsbooks were in the black.
” The Greenbrier added about $ 6,000 mountaineer Casino made a little over $26,000. As mentioned, the Mardi Gras Casino and both Wheeling Island did not pay any wagers for the week out.
Here is the way the WV sportsbooks rank for revenue:
With FanDuel and DraftKings entering the untapped market simultaneously, they will be fighting it out for the best online program of WV. The gamblers in the state will benefit greatly, while this might mean strain for those operators.
The two FanDuel and DraftKings will possess promotions and various bonuses to be able to entice customers. Because they are currently seeking to conquer each other in this respect, it’s possible that their supplies in WV may be better than what they’ve done before.
WV bettors will be able to determine which provide that is new-player might be better for these and move from that point. With soccer season here it is going to be important for each sportsbook to acquire in a really brief time period as many customers as you can.
College soccer got underway this weekend with a couple of games. This Saturday marks the first full slate of activity.
Marshall and WVU both available the season in the home . DraftKings NJ has the odds for these matches:

The NFL season is all about here. Bettors still have some opportunity to get futures and their season-long props in.
According DraftKings NJ, these players have the best chances of directing the NFL in yards, to:
Chris Imperiale covers sports betting and the internet casino industries. He has a journalism degree from Rutgers University and was previously on staff at Bleacher Report.
Bet with your head, not over it. If you have a gambling problem Telephone 1-800-GAMBLER.

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