Alex Scott outlines how she has changed her use of plastic

Sky Ocean Rescue Ambassador Alex Scott has outlined ways sport can help, and in which her usage of plastic has shifted at the calendar year.
“I think the two chief things I’ve shifted that are noteworthy in my day-to-day life is carrying my water bottle, everywhere I go. It’s so straightforward, but additionally, it improves my lifestyle as I constantly want to fill my water bottle.
“Secondly, acquiring a tote bag. I’m not using plastic bags. Supermarkets, making that small change, inducing people to think about the’why’ also. It is the habitual change too.”
“It is important for adults, also. I think as it that it can be much less painful to alter mindsets that are younger and it’s exciting. When you’re older, you set in your ways. Individuals have to understand the significance.
“For instance, going to get a coffee every day, how about I have my own coffee mug? That can be yours, also it can be personalised. Changes like that may have huge impacts.
“The children’ power to aid on this is so contagious. They wanted to go home and teach their parents about what it implies.”
“I think sport and soccer particularly can play a major part in helping decrease plastic usage. I recall watching all players have their own bottle and being at the Arsenal training ground. It may be personalised, also becomes part of your kit, such as, for instance, a set of boots.
“Players may buy into it use their programs in the perfect way, and affect so many individuals. They’re so impressionable.”
Over eight million tonnes of vinyl washed out to sea and is thrown away each year.
It takes centuries to crack down. Marine creatures eaten it. And it’s in our food chain. Your seafood supper might have a synthetic garnish. Scientists simply don’t know what impacts it has on our health.
Sky Ocean Rescue is doing something about it. To get involved, check out the campaign website here. You can also observe our documentary.

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